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DOTTI Ceramic Cactus Diffuser 

Ceramic fragrance diffuser for room scenting and decoration. Our essence is to deliver a sense of happiness and comfort in every experience. Our ceramics are designed and hand made in Thailand.

Quick Overview:

Lively Breeze ceramic fragrance diffuser for room scenting and decoration.

Size: 80x80x105 mm

Style: Ceramic Cactus

Color: Matte / White

Product Origin: Thailand

Wooden Square Coaster
Dimension : 8.9 x 8.9 x 1.8

Fragrance Oil:

Lemongrass: Refreshing herbal scent diffuser fragrance.

Spring Blossom: Mild and sweet delicate floral scent diffuser fragrance.

Peachy Passion: Mild fruity sweet scent of Peach and Passion fruit diffuser fragrance.

Mountain Fresh: Combination of Fresh, Citrus, Herbal with Woody notes that will bring up a refreshing ambience.

1. Simply pour the diffuser fragrance into the base.
2. Insert the ceramic diffuser (top part of the ceramic set)
3. Place the ceramic diffuser set on a secure, flat surface. (avoid placing the diffuser directly on a painted or synthetic surface without a protective tray).
4. Leave the ceramic diffuser to absorb up the fragrance and gradually diffuse the scent

- One set of ceramic diffuser is suitable for room size 9-15 Sqm. 
- Do not place the ceramic diffuser or fragranced products directly on a painted, coated or synthetic surface.
- 60 ml fragrance will be diffused for around 1 month but the scent will remain on the ceramic for about 2 months. 
- For use with Essential oil, simply drip 6-12 drops of essential oil on top of the ceramic. Add more oils once the scent is faded.
- If you wish to use the ceramic diffuser with a new scent, simply clean the ceramic with liquid soap and clean water, then let it dry before filling new fragrance.

Check out the video below for more and have a lively day!

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